UNDERHILL is an international music festival that first took place in June 2019. The festival took place in the Pidhirya tract. The project positions itself as a themed music amusement park, uniting different currents of modern and pop music, performers from both Ukraine and Europe. The main message: "UNDERHILL is more than a festival". The agency has developed and successfully implemented a marketing strategy for the UNDERHILL festival in 2019. It is worth noting that then the festival was held for the first time, so all the work of our team had to be done from scratch. In total, more than 12,000 tickets were sold in 2019, and the total traffic for 2 days was about 30,000 guests. 76% of tickets were sold in the previous sale. The publications with the highest ratings in Ivano-Frankivsk - “CITY” and “LIKE” - awarded the festival with the “Recognition of the Year” award.

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Arena is one of the oldest trading houses, which has been operating successfully since 1997. Today, the number of stores is confidently approaching the number 15, and Arena stores are in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Dnipro and Lviv. Over the years, the brand has found many friends in the world of sports and is confidently moving forward. The client addressed the agency with the task to develop and design a cycle of BTL-activities for the New Year in the Arena offline network. As a result, we developed the mechanics of the "Deer in the Arena" promotional campaign, which lasted for two weeks and covered stores in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Dnipro and Lviv. The culmination of the action was a big raffle of gifts and festive events, which the team held simultaneously in 7 chain stores in four cities of Ukraine.

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Idea Bank

Conference Idea Mania - IdeaBank The conference presented a new communication strategy for IdeaBank, an image video for IdeaBank, which rotated on the group of channels "Inter" and also held several intensive branches of more than 20 cities. The main direction of the bank was car lending, so we connected the main activities with cars. One such activity was the emotional driver, developed by Fox Studios.

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Saucony is an American shoe company since 1898. Over the years, the brand has gained a reputation as a brand that creates exceptionally high-quality sports shoes, which has allowed the company to work with NASA. Saucony has an official representative office in Ukraine and actively cooperates with the largest retailers in the market. Especially for the Saucony Ukraine brand, has developed the concept of a large-scale marketing project Tuned2Run. This project presented itself as a competition for Ukrainian sound producers, the main purpose of which is to create a perfect track that motivates to run. The general implementation of the project lasted from the beginning of March to the end of December 2019, in which thousands of Ukrainians took part.

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After the launch of the personal brand "Veladis", they asked us to conduct a promotional company that could enter a competitive market and successfully remain in it. What did we do to them? - Developed and sold a video, which was produced by Film UA. Exclusive music logo designed by Lukach studio. All this brought Veladis insane popularity. The video rotated on groups of Inter and 1 + 1 TV channels and garnered over 4.9 million views on YouTube.

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Astarta's task was the PR concept of a business center that everyone would hear about. We have developed a concept and successfully implemented it. The main idea - the presentation of all the possibilities of the business center built on Brian technology, using artificial intelligence, we developed a video, using computer graphics launched a series and built a 12-meter screen with an angle of 180 degrees, guests got inside, felt the effect of full immersion in the presentation in the presentation, Astarte's artificial intelligence could answer guests' questions, and the program also composed and sent out invitations in 3 languages, which identified the guests.

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Tuborg's task was to eliminate the negative attitude towards the brand after the unsuccessful ATP concert, so we came up with a competitive festival called "Spring in the rhythm of Tuborg". 3 cities Kyiv Zaporizhia Dnipro competed with each other. The activation included a DJ battle, a VJ battle and a bi boy battle. After the competition, the headliner performed. The winner helped us choose a sound level meter, after which he visited the bath with Tuborg beer.

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Baltika 0

Baltika 0 required different switching strategies, which is why about 50 measures were developed in the process of which we came up with a new communication concept every year. At the same time, we also provided visualization of BTL activation, namely photo stands and thematic contests, games on tablets and special branded gifts. Among the integrated events were the SIA car show, the car summit in the capital, exotic car retro, various stages of the Ukrainian Cup in drift and fight racing, the international drift show Kings of Europe with the participation of the world and European champions.

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The Somersby product itself was presented at the event and the start of sales in Ukraine was announced. After that, our agency continued to support the brand for three years. Somersby was integrated into several partnership events, for which we developed communication and a series of activations every year, one of the conditions of integration was sales representation, which we also overcame! - advertising that settles in your head.

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On the basis of this project the program of a school course - development of information technologies was formed, and also the printed card which supplemented a course was created. Together with an interactive map of innovative technologies, a web museum of communication was created in which various systems and devices were presented, as well as the stages of reproduction of telecommunication systems described by the project experts. The project started with a press conference attended by all experts from 6 countries in an online conference. This PR project received more than 800 media mentions, 300 publications and 4 reports on national TV news channels and became the calling card of the 20th anniversary of mobile communication in Ukraine.

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We have developed the company's logo, identity and website. We started the strategy by studying the Ukrainian market and realized that in this niche there are not many competitors who build the brand. Therefore, we immediately began to develop communications. "Building your future" - this is how NewBuild appeals to its audience, because what could be better than the future in your own private home! Next, we developed a complete marketing plan, according to which they started their advertising campaign.

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Underhill Avia Club

We were approached to develop a strategy for the aviation club. In the strategy, we have developed a new communication "Feel the freedom". We have also developed a flight certificate. In addition to the strategy, we have also developed an aviation club logo and identity. We undertook the promotion of the aviation club for 5 months. During this time, we have generated more than 1,000 appeals to the aviation club and attracted up to 1,500 followers on social networks. We used games, activities and a lot of different content to engage the audience.

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Blackwood burger

Institutions are focused on young people - from students to young families. . This is a place where you can comfortably spend time with friends, family or yourself. Concentrate and breathe from the hustle and bustle of the day, relax or hold business meetings. Blackwood establishments are made in the following formats: cosy cafes, food court in the shopping centre and cafes with the option Drive (ordering meals without leaving the car). One of the principles of the company is quality. Therefore, Blackwood works exclusively with partners who share the same principle. To help Blackwood draw attention to its establishment - namely the Drive option, we came up with a creative idea for the video and implemented it with 2D animation.

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This social project was created using 2D animation to explain to people how easy it is to protect yourself from Covid-19. The project was one of the most difficult, because it was our first practice in teamwork from home, but we did it. Our video was broadcast on ice displays throughout Ukraine. We hope we saved someone's life.

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